7 Ways To Get Ready For Retirement If You’re 50 And Haven’t Started Saving

If, when you reach your 50s, a shiver of fear runs down your spine because you haven’t saved for retirement yet, don’t panic. Though you can’t expect to match someone who started planning in their 30s, your cause is far from lost. To make up for lost time, act like a 50-year-old and think like a 20-year-old. That means saving and protecting the money you have, as well as using technology, creating additional income streams, and cutting spending.   Understand time is not on your side. One precious commodity that’s limited for 50-year-olds is time — you can’t afford to make mistakes. I spoke with James Nichols, senior vice president of customer solutions at Voya Financial, and he suggested starting by getting financial guidance. You can do this through your company’s employee financial wellness program, your retirement plan provider, or a Certified Financial Planner(™) Professional you find on your own. Your retirement plan needs to include your vision of your golden years — the more specific, the better. Save more. The year you turn 50, you have an advantage: The IRS allows you to save more money in your retirement plans. Since your 50s can be your peak earning years, it’s a great…Read More

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When Investing In Middle America Real Estate – Do Your Homework

Pretty much every city in America does something different than it used to. Towns are founded for one reason, but once enough people live there they keep growing even when their original purpose disappears. This is especially true for this collection of Middle America markets, most of which at first were trading posts located at strategic river locations. Far removed from river trading, many of these markets are now going through another change – from specific-industry to general-service economies – a disruptive but slow process that has large effects on real estate. A key feature of these markets is that easily available land produced a spread-out geography, with modest home prices and therefore high home-ownership. (Chicago is an exception, only half as much land is available because it’s on a lake.) In general, therefore, investments in rental properties should be limited to the higher-density spots that exist in all these markets, or to wealthier suburbs where some people would like to rent. Another general feature of these markets is that overall job growth during the recent phase of transition is low, often limited to the population growth, around the US average of one percent a year. This means that rents…Read More

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